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Greetings from the Mad Goblin. Hello and welcome to Not Quite Heroes. NQH is a comic about a group of super heroes, if you can call them that, and their plight against the many villains and evils of the world... okay, I lied. They mainly just goof off a lot. Anyhoo, you never know what to expect, anything from talking meat by-products to to homicidal appliance replicas! ~ Mad Goblin
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Words from the Cartoonist
Once again, Halloween passes and it's time to give the who's who from 2007! Why do I bother to? It gets me the mad Google hits!
  • Rubber Man as the walking dead.
  • Squidy as Rick of Splatter House
  • Beany Joe is the walking dead.
  • Ballzo as Waddle Dee of Kirby's Dream Land
  • Slimeball as Rattle of Snake, Rattle, & Roll
  • Super Strawberry as Klik of Goblins
  • Dr. Bolt as Ugly Kid Joe mascot
  • I. M. Rich as Fony Bone of Bone
  • Beano as Niddler the monkey-bird of Pirates of Dark Water
So, is NQH dead? Alive? Undead? Well, certainly not the latter. Only lamewads and social vomit claim that title. It's just in limbo, really. Still has a full 500+ archive, tho'. Give that a delve in the lack of updates.
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